Artemis Storytelling

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Storytelling performances in Topsham & Exeter, Devon


6.30pm Fri 7th February 2020: The Wounded King, Fragments of Arthur for Our Times - SOLD OUT

told by Lisa Schneidau, Katy Cawkwell and Ronnie Conboy

part of Library Lates at Exeter Library


7.30pm Fri 13th Mar 2020: Frankenstein - SOLD OUT (phone Cygnet about returns)

told by Ben Haggarty with musician Sianed Jones

at the Cygnet Theatre, Friars' Gate, Exeter, EX2 4AZ



Artemis Storytelling is organised and hosted by storyteller Katy Cawkwell

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Aimed at adults - see more detailed age guidance on the performance page


Not Artemis events, but recommended...


7.30pm Sat 1st February 2020: The Frog Princess Punked

told by Sally Pomme Clayton

at the Phoenix Arts Centre, Exeter




Storytelling Workshops for adults:

Katy is currently running a monthly group at the Cygnet Theatre, Exeter on Tues mornings aimed at adults wanting to develop their storytelling skills, leading to occasional "Story Blaze" performance evenings.  Private lessons also available.  Please contact [email protected] if you'd like more details.  





Sun 3rd Nov 2019: Rebranding Beelzebub told by Tim Ralphs


Fri 27th Sept 2019: Tristan and Iseult told by Katy Cawkwell


Fri 5th July 2019: Tricksterland told by Nell Phoenix


Fri 10th May 2019: Sunflowers and Buddha Babies told by Xanthe Gresham Knight


Fri 1st March 2019: Others from the Other Side told by Clare Muireann Murphy


Sat 19th Jan 2019: The Big Blind told by Dominic Kelly with musicians Bridget Marsden and Leif Ottosson


Fri 28th Sept 2018: Eros and Psyche told by Sally-Pomme Clayton


Mon 16th July 2018:  Gone Cuckoo told by Malcolm Green with music from Joshua Green - SOLD OUT


Sat 19th May 2018: The Howken Field told by Nick Hennessey


Sat 21st April 2018: Silence told by Rachel Rose Reid


Thursday 11th January 2018: Iron Teeth, Eaten Heart told by Katy Cawkwell & ATALANTA told by Ben Haggarty - SOLD OUT


Saturday 7th October 2017: The Ashlad and the Master Stoorworm told by Raventales & Fire: a State of Matter told by Vergine Gulbenkian


Saturday 18th November 2017: Tales from the Bawdy Bardess told by Debs Newbold - SOLD OUT


Friday 16th June 2017: At the Water's Edge told by Dave Oliver, Jane Flood and Katy Cawkwell - SOLD OUT


Friday 5th May 2017: Kali told by Emily Hennessey


Sat 11th March 2017: Little Red Riding Hood and Other Lost Girls told by Nell Phoenix - SOLD OUT


Tues 17th Jan 2017: Fire and Shadow: Tales for Dark Nights from Martin Maudsley, Inez Aponte and Katy Cawkwell


Saturday 3rd December 2016: The Homing Stone told by Hugh Lupton


Friday 7th October 2016: Sugar Skulls and Love Spoons told by June Peters


Friday 17th June 2016: Extraordinary Birds told by Sharon Jacksties, Lisa Schneidau and Katy Cawkwell


Friday 13th May 2016: Combing the Hair of Dragons told by Martin Shaw - SOLD OUT


Friday 15th April 2016: The Blacksmith at the Bridge of Bones told by Ben Haggarty - SOLD OUT


Friday 11th March 2016: Rhiannon told by Katy Cawkwell -SOLD OUT

Nell Phoenix - Laura Valentine Photography-1010 -