Artemis Storytelling


8pm Sun 3rd November 2019:

Rebranding Beelzebub told by Tim Ralphs


Have you seen the cloven hoof prints burned on the cellar steps? Have you heard the fiddle player cursing? Can you smell the scent of secrets in the candle smoke?


REBRANDING BEELZEBUB shines a spotlight on Him Downstairs in a performance shaped by razor wit, diabolical horror, absurd confessions and guffaws fit for the unholy host. Tim presents innovative re-imaginings of traditional tales as he exhumes the bones of old Devil stories and stitches them a new skin. This grand collection spans supermarket stalls, urban sprawls, mad drunken preachers and widow’s sons. Darkly humorous with disturbing turns and a distinct whiff of sulphur.

Age guidance: 15+


"A five star story" - The Times

**** Fringe Guru.


7.30pm Fri 13th March 2020

Frankenstein told by Ben Haggarty with music from Sianed Jones


He's naked

He's angry

And he's on the run...


Enter a world of feverish dreaming, as storyteller Ben Haggarty, and musician Sianed Jones, embark on an intense monster's-lib interpretation of Mary Shelley's modern myth.


Truly a story for our time, Frankenstein speaks of power unleashed; the responsibility of the creator towards the created, and our fear of the unknown.


Expect wild song, steam punk & fast-paced epic storytelling in the hands of two master performers.


‘This is real storytelling’ Hay Festival


‘Powerful! Atmospheric!’  Durham Literature Festival


Katy writes: I first saw Ben tell this story in 2007 and it was utterly gripping, incredibly exciting, very moving - it made a lasting impression on me and I can't wait to hear it again in collaboration with Sianed.


7.30pm Fri 27th September 2019:

Tristan and Iseult told by Katy Cawkwell


One of the great love stories, spanning the lands and seas of Cornwall, Ireland and Brittany.  Hear afresh the rapture in music that drifts across the water, the tenderness of a healing touch, the passion in a game of chess, the intimacy of an apple orchard and the thrill of clutching at your lover’s hand and fleeing to the wild secret places of this land.


Katy picks a clear, brilliant path through this many-layered legend, mingling story with snatches of Gaelic song and touching her listeners with the excitement, beauty and tragedy of this timeless tale.


“...mesmeric storytelling ...a wonderful story, beautifully told” Bridport Arts Centre


“a lovely way with words—they fall from her tongue like the pouring of honey!” audience member


“a finely crafted, thrilling epic tale of love and loss… Katy conveys the thrills and sorrows of young love with skill and humour…” South Devon Storytellers


Age guidance: 13+





















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