Artemis Storytelling


8pm Sat 19th Jan 2019: The Big Blind


Dominic Kelly – Storyteller

Bridget Marsden – Violin

Leif Ottosson – Accordion


A boy stands on a lakeshore. Behind him: all he’s ever known. Ahead: a chance for love but a higher chance of death. He’s had a happy life, and a sheltered one. But his father gambled away that life, the debt cannot be paid in money and it won’t be his father who pays. Childhood is over…


Dominic, Bridget & Leif combine storytelling and music in a playful and gripping performance. They bring to life an ancient full-bloodied fairy tale for modern audiences, weaving versions from Norway, Scotland, Ireland and India with contemporary Scandinavian folk music. Through it they explore the consequences for the young when older generations fail to make adult decisions.


“…magical, haunting… a truly inspired performance… makes you sparkle from the inside out…” on The Devil’s Purse.


“…a bewitching fusion of storytelling and music that takes theatre right back to its origins… Bridget Marsden and Leif Ottosson beautifully fuse enchanting Nordic music with Dominic Kelly’s prose… complementing and accenting the narrative seamlessly.” on The Devil’s Purse


Age guidance: 13+



7.30pm Fri 1st March 2019: Others from the Other Side

told by Clare Muireann Murphy


The Irish landscape is full of stories peopled by shape-shifters and once-god-fairies who move seamlessly between our own and a decidedly other world… there are rules and ways to learn if one is to survive an encounter.  Strange roads, weird rites and good allies enter these tales.  


The fabulous storyteller, Clare Muireann Murphy, acts as an intermediary between these two worlds, with stories of the other people, changelings, stolen children, strange marriages, theft, deception and wild curses.  


Clare, born in Dublin and now living in Bristol, brings her own dynamic take on the tales.  Dancing between the now and then with a word, a gesture and a look.


Allow Clare guide you through a liminal landscape of grown-up fairytale, where the light is a little too bright and the dark is very, very dark…


‘Truly fantastic’ Everything Theatre


Age guidance: 12+



7.30pm Fri 10th May 2019: Sunflowers and Buddha Babies

told by Xanthe Gresham Knight


The Ancient Greek Eleusian Mysteries involved enacting the myth of the Goddess Demeter and her daughter Kore.  The ritual gave its participants ‘joy in life and hope in death.’  Following the loss of her mother, Gresham Knight goes in search of the sometimes bawdy, mind-blowing path of the initiate.


The result is a recipe: ‘Buddha Babies’ the unconventional cookery show.


To achieve Tantric re-birth, take 1lb of unconventional birth stories from anywhere (China, India, Greece – whatever is fresh and available); marinate with sprinklings of Taoist, Confusionist, Shamanic, Platonic and Vedic philosophy; pinch of salt, zest.


‘Buddha a complex and hilarious exploration of what it means to be ‘childless’... Knight navigates the politically charged conversations around womanhood: of wanting children, or not wanting them, of being unable to have them, of menopause, of the reclaiming of the C word, of the unimportance of defining gender. She does it all with a vivacity and energy that makes the time seem to pass in the blink of an eye…..I really could watch Xanthe Gresham Knight speak from now on and for the rest of time:’  Bryony Taylor for Everything Theatre


Xanthe Gresham Knight is a storyteller with a distinctive, physical, performance style, who delights in the absurd and preposterous. Alongside performances in theatres and art centres around the world, she works as a storyteller for Holland Park and The Chelsea Physic Garden and lectures on Storytelling Drama at the University of East London. Her 9 Goddess-inspired shows were funded by the Arts Council of England.  


'She unfolds each tale like the petals of a lotus.  At the end, you leave with something beautiful created in your own mind.' British Theatre Review


Age guidance: 12+














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