Artemis Storytelling


7.30pm Fri 5th July 2019: Tricksterland

a wild night of storytelling with Nell Phoenix


There is a place where power crackles through all things: broken bodies can become whole, thoughts can be heard, old bones speak and even the rocks want revenge.


Here we stumble through shape-shifting worlds on a journey to the edge of the earth.  Be prepared to encounter all things earthy, brutal and bold.


“Great stories… feral and sophisticated” Cambridge Storytelling Club


“A brilliant, uncontrived, seamless weaving of worldwide trickster tales” Crick Crack Club


“The best 75 minutes of storytelling I have ever seen!” audience feedback


“Surreal, earthy, dynamic, fun!” Guesthouse Storytelling Club


Katy writes: so glad to have tempted Nell back down here after her sell-out, bring-the-house-down gig in Topsham in 2016.  She is warm, witty, no-holds-barred...


Age guidance: 16+


7.30pm Fri 27th September 2019:

Tristan and Iseult told by Katy Cawkwell


One of the great love stories, spanning the lands and seas of Cornwall, Ireland and Brittany.  Hear afresh the rapture in music that drifts across the water, the tenderness of a healing touch, the passion in a game of chess, the intimacy of an apple orchard and the thrill of clutching at your lover’s hand and fleeing to the wild secret places of this land.


Katy picks a clear, brilliant path through this many-layered legend, mingling story with snatches of Gaelic song and touching her listeners with the excitement, beauty and tragedy of this timeless tale.


Age guidance: 13+





















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